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“Professional Wrestling the way it was meant to be.”

Get ready for a throwback promotion that will remind you of the Professional Wrestling that you grew up watching. Real long sustaining Feuds, rivalries, live cut promos, and engaging workers. In the old days wrestlers were willing to work an area exclusively if it meant success.


Countless workers endured years under a single promotion building their unique brand, such a devotion to the territory made a better product for fans of Pro Wrestling. We all had our favorite “B and C card” guys and gals. Today Pro Wrestling is said to be “entertainment” and while entertaining it is, it is missing the quality details that it once could create by simply spicing up the drama with a new angle involving the same characters.


Today’s counter-intuitive drill of using a talent until he or she is expendable and over-inflating the body with “medicinal miracles” to get “the look” is garbage. Anyone can wrestle and with the right attitude and expectation anyone can become a “seat filler”.  The dog eat dog aggression of “other Brands” towards their talent has created a vortex of supply for the market demand of “touchable wrestlers” that create good stories regardless of their physical abilities. Wrestlers that a creative writer and a proactive marketer can metamorphosise into a superstar.


Rick Hidalgo, Founder of Trinity Wrestling America


When we closed down operations in Jacksonville, Florida back in 2005 our TWA World Heavyweight Champion was “The Taurus” Kenny Harmon from Valdosta, Georgia. The Taurus” defeated “The Rican” Johnny Torres that night in a 2 out of 3 falls match in front of a crowd of hungry old school wrestling fans at Abba’s Place, a Jacksonville homeless shelter which served as our first home.

Our Beginnings

We are a cutting edge ministry that loves the world of Professional Wrestling and its beautiful history. We operate our promotion in honor of all who made the history but with a twist. Our intent is to first and foremost demonstrate our passion for our Lord Jesus the Christ.

Our Principles
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